International Exhibition for Manufacturers

The exhibition, AliBtob, is a good place for direct communication with Iranian manufacturers Foreign

Our main goal is to launch this exhibition, introduce the products of factories and manufacturers to wholesalers And We are dedicated to providing you with respectable producers by creating personal exhibition stands Shop In cyberspace, your product will be sold to major buyers in all cities of Iran and other countries Introduction Let's face it.

You can register as a vendor by inserting content and uploading your product images to Comfortably and in For a few minutes, you will have an international exhibition and introduce your products to the world.

At the AliBtoB International Exhibition Exhibition

Our main goal is to introduce the products, manufacturers and sales of the Iranian market. AliBtob is committed to direct contact with manufacturers and sellers in several languages Be

What are the benefits of having a booth at the AliBtoB exhibition?

  • Completely free
  • The system for managing requests, orders, product catalogs ...
  • Learn how to export and import to exhibitors
  • Search Engine for Manufacturers and Sellers
  • Advertise products 24 hours a day,
  • Multilingual, Farsi, English, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and ...
  • Translate your booth and products into multiple languages ​​